The SIX API allows easy access to the SIX financial data universe through a single API. Built using common data standards, it leverages modern web technologies to enable easy integration, fast processing and critically is cost effective.


A wealth of data via a single API

SIX API leverages the latest web technology with REST/JSON interfaces that allow state-of-the-art data retrieval on a request/response basis. Users can pick and choose content via the GraphQL interface; WebSocket provision is specifically suited for real-time data use-cases.

Standard Identifiers

The SIX API supports a variety of instrument identifiers, including ISIN, CUSIP, WKN, SEDOL, FIGI, tickers, and others. This removes the need to convert portfolios to proprietary identifiers.

Standard Data Format

The SIX API also applies ISO standards for currencies, country codes, and timestamps. Easy to understand and consume whilst retaining high standards of quality and accuracy.

The SIX Financial Data Universe

900+ multi-asset price sources through a single API overlayed with complimentary data sets that include reference data, corporate actions, regulatory, tax, ESG and more.

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